Hotel Furniture

we founded this company in 2004. After a lot to go in hotel furniture, we could now produce monthly  10,000 chairs and table, and annually 500 –700 hotel room furniturewith our business partner joined lateron.

When we fist started, we thought of getting 3 hotel business annually. We would produce hotel furniture, accessories etc. Now we exceded it. We could easily perform the necessities of 10 hotel room furniture for 5 star hotel, namely 500 hotel furniture rooms. Now we are looking for distributors abroad for our chairs and tables.

For instance, we want to open place in Middle East, Dubai, Iran or continue to work there after finding a partner. This is because the market of our business is Middle East and Europe. It is mostly İstanbul in Turkey. We continue operating with some companies.

As i already mentioned, we produce monthly 10,000 chairs. Among our chair alternatives, we have chairs with arm-holder and Tiffany chair ( chiavari chair ) used by all organization companies which we newly started producing. In general it is a product with modern and classical chair concept is ended in the world. That’s why we try to produce products of modern style that caught the age. We have two systems in hotel furniture. Firstly, these are products produce totally by us in series. Secondly, we serve by creating new solutions to rooms which we shaped according only to customer’s demand, we could act more flexibly than many companies in hotel. This is our advantage!

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